If you are looking for some excellent quality 100mm insulation board, the Online Insulation website is where you need to be. Ever since we were founded back in 2015, we have been proudly providing our clients with some of the very best products in the industry. We have over 100 distribution points available to us which will enable is to source your requirements efficiently and promptly, ensuring you are working with the cheapest insulation and dry-lining supplier without reducing our quality service, expert knowledge and speedy delivery. 


One of our best selling variants of 100mm insulation board is the 100mm Celotex GA4100 Insulation Board 2400x1200mm. From the Celotex GA4000 range, this is a suitable range of insulation which is suitable for a variety of applications, including roof, wall and floor insulation. This product fully meets the requirements of current legislation including Part L, BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes, as well as the demands of building professionals, specifiers and users. We have an entire team of staff who each have a wealth of expertise in their field of work, so if you have any further queries regarding which insulation to choose - please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. 


At Online Insulation, we have partnered with some of the largest manufacturers and distributors of insulation and dry lining materials in the UK to bring low cost and quality service to you. Our team makes sure to reveal all costs and prices up front, ensuring that all customers are not misled by any hidden costs that other firms try to include. We focus our attention heavily on customer advocacy, where we aim to leave every client 100% satisfied by delivering only honest and reliable information, ensuring that all clients are familiarised with our work.

Looking for 100mm Insulation Boards? 

By purchasing insulation boards, it will help to keep the desired temperature in your house all year round, protecting it against cold in winter and excess heat in summer. The insulation can also effectively reduce the amount of noise that travels into and throughout your home, keeping it more peaceful and quiet. It can assist in reducing noise transmission through walls, ceilings and floors.


To buy some of the highest quality 100m insulation board, the Online Insulation website is where you need to be. You can also telephone us on 01509 649065 or fill in the contact form on our website. Include all your relevant information and someone will get back to you as soon as possible, to discuss how we can best meet your requirements.