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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

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It is estimated that over 6 million properties in the UK have cavity wall insulation installed and of course the energy efficiency and cost-saving make it incredibly popular. Living in a damp climate that is often exposed to high winds and icy conditions can take its toll on the brickwork, which can lead to gaps within the bricks and water in the cavity itself. The whole point of insulation is to insulate, it stops the airflow, but once the insulation is wet it's almost impossible to dry out. When it comes to cavity wall insulation removal, compressed air is blown into the cavity, while an industrial vacuum collects the damaging insulation from the bottom of the wall through strategically removed bricks. A borescope is then used to inspect the cavity throughout the process to ensure all the damaged insulation has been completely removed, the old insulation is then bagged up and removed. 


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