If you have been looking for a company who supply expanded polystyrene insulation, look no further than Online Insulation. Our sole aim is to be an affordable insulation and dry-lining supplier, whilst keeping our high-quality service, expert knowledge, speedy delivery and materials. With over 15 years of expert experience in design, specification, manufacture and distribution into specialist markets, we believe that we can offer both informed and impartial advice to assist in finding the right solution for you. 

Looking for Expanded Polystyrene Insulation?

Expanded polystyrene insulation is typically used in flooring applications, below concrete slabs where thermal efficiency (U-value) requirement of the construction is with the limits of the product. Our best seller is currently 50 mm - 2400x1200mm, the depth and thickness of the insulation is there to satisfy the current building regulations and U-value requirements. Polystyrene is one of the most popular variants and can be used where a basic level of additional thermal insulation is required. As an insulator, polystyrene can withstand extremes in temperature and is even a noise reducer. 

Expanded polystyrene insulation is less dense and more affordable than many other forms of polystyrene insulation. It is formed out of pockets that air filled with air, making it a poor conductor of heat, but an outstanding convector. It traps the air in small pockets, blocking the flow of heat energy, this reduces both conduction and convection which makes it an ideal insulator. It doesn’t support mould or mildew growth and it is completely recyclable which assists with LEED points. 

Throughout the Online Insulation website, we are lucky enough to stock an extensive realm of brands such as Celotex, Kingspan, Rockwool, British Gypsum, Velux, Promat and so much more, along with having over 100 distrubution points across the country. Ever since our establishment, we have continued to grow and expand as a company, delivering the most impressive customer service. If you don’t believe us, why not head over to our website and view our customer reviews, you can see just how far we go to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their expanded polystyrene insulation. 

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