Floor Insulation Boards

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Insulating a floor means adding an insulating material beneath the floorboards - this then reduces the heat that escapes through the floor into the ground. Floor insulation is most commonly done when putting a new floor in place, but most floors can be retrofitted with an insulating material, and this will make a large saving to your overall heating bill. This is because insulation impedes temperature change, meaning less energy is needed to maintain your chosen temperature.

Looking for Floor Insulation Boards? 

Our 100mm Ecotherm Eco-Versal PIR Insulation Board range is very popular and the product is a 5-in-one solution comprising of a fibre free rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core faced with an aluminium foil composite on both sides. These boards are perfect for wooden floors, as they especially vulnerable to moisture, so a layer of insulation between the floor and crawl space helps to create a vapour barrier, preventing moisture from creeping in and soaking the wood floor. A vapour barrier could also benefit homes with damp basements.


More than 10 per cent of an average home’s heat is lost through the floor, with this percentage being much higher in older homes with hardwood floors. For homes without basements and those with unheated cellars, adding insulation can bring heating costs down. By insulating your floor and skirting boards, this can save as much as £65 a year and if you can install it yourself, it will pay for itself in around two years through savings on your heating bills. Since the insulation will slow the movement of heat through the floor, the home will also feel more comfortable and warmer in the winter, but cooler in the summer months.


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