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In recent years, the need for a dependable foil back insulation has been continuously increasing due to the number of benefits it can provide for your property. This is because the main insulation body provides protection and insulation, though the foil creates an effective vapour barrier to limit moisture diffusion. This is why it’s especially used for vapour panels, though foil can be applied to other insulation boards in order to increase the protection and overall insulation quality.  

In order to effectively install foil-backed insulation, it’s vital that the supporting frame is reliable and also beneficial towards the insulation process. All of the metal frames sold on our website are designed in order to promote a strong but lightweight support frame in order to effectively hold non-load-bearing partition walls which require insulation. Alternatively, for an increase in sound insulation, resilient bars are an effective approach, where more details can be found on our website. 


Despite operating online, our business wouldn’t be possible without our highly-experienced team. With over 15 years of experience within the industry, our team has covered all aspects relating to the design, specification, manufacture and distribution of insulation, meaning we have an extensive knowledgeable background of insulation solutions. As a result, we are confident that we are able to deliver both informed and impartial advice to all customers that come to us with a query about a specific product. 

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