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Knauf External Wall Insulation

Knauf is probably one of the most well-known manufacturers of insulation and they will be used in the majority of homes across the UK. Their insulation is made from Earthwool which is made up of renewable products such as recycled glass bottles and sand, and bonded with bio-based technology that is free from phenols, formaldehydes, acrylics, bleach, artificial colours and dyes. Knauf external wall insulation is fire-resistant, absorbs sound, offers acoustical insulation and has great thermal and mechanical insulation properties. 

Knauf external wall insulation is a cost-effective material that is ideal for use on buildings and other physical structures. It is a very popular choice amongst our customers for many reasons including that it is incredibly easy to install. Most people compare Earthwool to Glasswool and Knauf Earthwool is much less tedious to work with since it’s not as itchy as traditional Glasswool. Earthwool also has a tighter more compact packaging meaning more can be delivered in one load, saving on delivery costs. Other traditional insulation materials were also known for their bad smell and Knauf Earthwool makes for the best insulation material since it has no smell, unlike others and this is because of the binders that are used in the product.

You can always rely on Knauf external wall insulation to complete the job of insulation to the highest possible standard. This insulation will limit heat loss whilst improving your indoor thermal comfort, reducing heating costs, and limiting CO2 pollution. Knauf external wall insulation will also limit the effects of condensation in a property and can help you to tackle issues with damp. Overall, external wall insulation will future-proof a property against regulation changes. Potential future buyers will be interested not only in the appearance of the home but also the thermal performance and a well-insulated, thermally-efficient home which has been coated in fire-retardant materials is a more valuable one. 

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