If you have been looking for a company that supplies perforated acoustic plasterboard, Online Insulation could just be the website you have been waiting for. As a dedicated establishment, we are incredibly proud to supply some of the very best insulation products on the market, all in one place. With over 15 years of expert experience in this industry, we feel that we can offer both informed and impartial advice to assist in finding the ideal solution for our customers, at an affordable price. 

Our perforated acoustic plasterboard is a well-known cost-effective solution where sound reduction is the highest importance. The acoustic sound rated plasterboard is typically higher in density, which not only works as a good mass layer to add construction, but it also has higher fire ratings and improved impact resistance, making it the ideal choice for schools and hospitals. Our plasterboard typically comes in 1200mm sheets, designed to suit the standard 600mm stud spacing used in modern housing. The various weights and strengths of the lining will give the completed board a variety of properties. 

Looking for Perforated Acoustic Plasterboards? 

Our most popular form of perforated acoustic plasterboard is the 12.5mm Knauf Soundshield Plus. It is the perfect plasterboard for use where enhanced sound reduction is particularly important, it has been designed to dramatically reduce noise while enhancing the quality of the indoor environment of a building. It can even control sound vibration and produce higher quality acoustics. This is all achieved through a combination of perforation patterns and a highly effective black backing which even prevents dust from the ceiling entering the room. Standard flat, hard wall and ceiling surfaces can cause the sound to bounce and create discomfort. Our perforated acoustic plasterboard will significantly improve the overall comfort within the room. 

We have been lucky enough to partner with some of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors for perforated acoustic plasterboard, this has enabled us to combine our cost-efficient and high-quality service to ensure you are getting the best products for the best price, with no compromise on customer service. We even have over 100 distribution points across the UK, so you can receive your order in a timely manner. 

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