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Celotex insulation boards have become a corner stone of the construction industry and in an age where contractors and end users prefer to buy building supplies online, we at Online Insulation are in a fortunate position to be able to offer this type of PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation for less than other suppliers as we buy in bulk and pass our savings on to our customers. The Celotex boards themselves are a rigid foam insulation. Yellowish in colour with a foil facing to each side. As with all brands, the Celotex boards come with their own branding printed on the foil facings. The Celotex insulated plasterboard however come with a foil layer between the plasterboard and insulation but a tissue, paper backing to the rear to allow for a dot and dab fixing to the wall. The insulated plasterboard also come with a tapered edge to allow for a speedier solution to the finishing allowing a tape and joint system to be used instead of traditional plastering. Celotex as a brand is owned by a company called Saint-Gobain, one of the largest and oldest suppliers to the construction industry in the world.