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Rockwool Fire Barrier

As mentioned above, one of the specialist products we stock is Rockwool fire barrier. This product has become one of the top sellers in our specialist product rage, as not many of our competitors sell them. Many of our customers have said they were delighted we stock this item, as it saves them lots of time trying to look for alternative products. The Rockwool fire barrier is a great high performance thermal and fire protection product, so it can be used for partition, separating floors and other building applications where fire performance rating is needed. 

The Rockwool RWA45 Insulation is one of the top Rockwool fire barriers on the market. It has 45kg/m3 density versatile rock mineral wool which means its ideal for various fire risk areas. Another plus point for this product is that it provides good acoustic too, as many other fire barriers don’t and start acting as a sound barrier. 

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