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Resilient Bar (RB1) 45mm x 16mm x 3.0m

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Resilient Bar (RB1). Resilient Bars can increase the sound insulation performance of ceiling systems. In fact some ceiling systems are dependant upon the attachment of a Resilient Bar to the underside of the joists and perimeter noggins on all four sides of a room. The Resilient Bar is fixed at right angles to the joists at 450mm maximum centres for single or double applications. When 2400mm board is being used the Resilient Bar will need to be reduced to 400mm centres.

Ceilings :-
Where Resilient Bar is being used for ceilings the bars are fixed at right angles to the underside of the joists as close to the perimeter of the room as possible without touching the walls, at 450mm centres (400mm centres for 2.4m boards) using the pre-drilled holes and appropriate screws, ensuring that the screws penetrate the resilient bar by at least 10mm. If the resilient bar is to be joined, ensure that the overlap of 200mm occurs over a joist and screw through both pieces of resilient bar to secure them. Fix plasterboard with long edges at right angles to the resilient bar, where two layers of plaster boards are required stagger the joints of the outer layer and fix short edges to resilient bar. For maximum acoustic performance ensure that the screws do not come into contact with the joists

Walls ;-
Resilient Bars should be mounted at 600mm centres horizontally from floor to ceiling with the 21mm pre-drilled side at the bottom. Should the resilient bar need cutting this should be done with tin snips or a hacksaw, and they can be overlapped by at least 200mm over a batten and then fixed in place screwing through both pieces of resilient bar with the appropriate screw. When securing the plasterboard it is crucial that the screws only penetrate the 45mm face and do not touch the resilient bar supports or battens so that the acoustic performance is not compromised.

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