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Plasterboard is essentially an inner layer of gypsum, which is sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper. This gypsum layer is made up of crystals containing a small amount of water, as well as various other additives which vary the weight and strength of the lining paper. Depending on the gypsum layer, the tapered edge plasterboard will then have different properties. Tapered edge boards are ideal for either jointing or skimming, while the alternative, square edge boards, are generally used for textured finishes.


Our 12.5mm Fire Resistant Plasterboard 1200x2400mm Tapered Edge is one of our most popular products and offers increased resistant to fire. The resistance is achieved by the addition of glass fibres and other additives in the core when the boards are manufactured. They are perfect to mechanically fix to timber stud partitions, metal stud partitions or metal wall lining systems. Up to an hour’s fire resistance can be achieved with a single layer of 15mm Knauf Fire Panel each side of a Knauf Performer partition, making it a very good cost-effective choice for partitions, linings and ceilings with standard performance requirements.


Overall, installing tapered edge plasterboard within your home is a great way to protect against penetrating damp, creating a new weatherproof layer on the outside of the building, and slowing the movement of heat through the walls. The air leakage rate of your house will also be reduced dramatically and your heating and cooling bills will be cut by up to half.


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