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Here at Online Insulation, we supply a number of leading brands such as Celotex, Kingspan Phenolic insulation, Rockwool, Knauf Earthwool, British Gypsum, Velux, Rockpanel, Recticel, Siniat, Promat and many more. Our vapour resistant plasterboard solutions are perfect if you are looking to improve your home’s insulation, providing resistance to heat flow and works as a barrier that protects the indoor environment from the outside weather conditions. We have our most popular products available on our website, but if you have an enquiry for any other insulation or dry lining based material, we would be able to help.


Within plasterboard, there is a material called gypsum, which is sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper including various additives. Depending on the weight and strength of the lining paper, this will provide the board with different properties. For example, within vapour resistant plasterboard there are specially designed with silicone additives in the core - which makes the board more vapour resistant and suitable for environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and similar wet areas. It has the same physical property as the standard board but has a silver metallised polyester film back liner which enhances the vapour resistance of the product. 

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