Thermal insulation is constantly been used in the construction field due to the numerous benefits it has to offer. Loft insulation is effective for at least 40 years and it should pay for itself many times over. It has been adopted and become essential in the building process to prevent heat transfer between outside and inside of buildings.


Loft insulation works by reducing the amount of heat lost from your roof, as the heat escapes through your roof, both through conduction and convection. One of the most popular methods of loft insulation is by using loft insulation rolls, which are a low-density glass mineral wool material. Having these installed reduces the amount of heat that passes through your ceilings and reaches your loft space to escape through the roof.


Overall, there are a number of different benefits of insulating your loft and we have named just a few.

  1. Reduction in heating costs


One of the most obvious benefits of using loft insulation is the savings on your heating bills, as in uninsulated homes, a quarter of the heat lost wafts out through the roof. As heat rises from your home and into your loft space, it quickly escapes or turns into cooler air, reducing the overall temperature of your home. Overall, loft insulation is an instant and cost-effective way of creating a warmer home and saving those wasted pounds.


     2) You will have fewer problems with condensation

If there is no insulation within the loft, this can often cause problems of condensation appearing on the walls if you are converting the space into a new room within the house. These are the grey spots that are visible on the walls, which are signs of mould with dust particles attached to it due to the surface being damp. Thermal insulation prevents the entrance of outside heat from exterior building walls and ceiling, and the escape of hot or cool air from the interior rooms to outside.


     3) Environmental protection

By insulating your loft, this leads to considerable savings in energy consumption and accordingly fuel consumption. It is one of the main acknowledged ways of reducing carbon emissions output as well as helping to reduce the consumption and reliance of fossil fuels. It has been calculated that the emitted CO2 gases for the heating of an insulated building are as much as 45% less than the ones emitted from a not insulated building - which significantly impacts the environment.


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